I've got a whole bunch of 320 SSK plain base
Tuesday, February 13, 2018, 09:37

and they shoot great. Their purpose is to poke a .43 hole in one side and travel straight through (skin, bone, muscle, whatever) and continue out the other side. Both designs have ample lubrication and surface area contact with the bore to be accurate and consistent. I doubt a critter would have a preference. Having said that (We got ours at a huge discount) if I were personally starting out fresh, I like the wider meplat a little better. It just makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

The SSK is sort of truncated and smaller but not an issue. It was all the rage in 1985! It does feed really well in lever guns and such. While it works usually in .44 Mag. and I have used them in special .44-40, the high hitting loads usually are within the mechanical adjustment range of the Ruger adjustable sights. The .429 GNR is a little short necked for best application with such a heavy bullet in the revolver. Works fine in the single shot though and the bomb in .440 GNR. I like a 300 gr. or less in .429 GNR.

I have a .44 Mag. with a tight spot in the bore by the muzzle. I've been using the long 320 gr. SSK with lapping grit on them to hone it out. Accuracy came back in spades way before it is totally out. That is interesting in itself. The long bullet is great for bore lapping. This photo .44 Mag is doped with grit as you can see by the way I left it a little exposed for viewing. I've shot about 200 bullets in this experiment and I have given the gun back it's accuracy. But that was 100 rnds. ago and it still has a tight spot! But boy does it shoot good.


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