Some hopeful Africa traveling tips..
Monday, February 12, 2018, 09:20

As a total novice I gleaned this from a hunting trip to AK, not Africa (I have not yet been there). Doug asked to borrow a little pocket camera that I own which takes fantastic photos. I have owned it a very long time and it has been used to capture memories from many of our mutual hunting trips. Our phones now have commendable camera functions, fantastic really, but pale in comparison to a true dedicated digital camera.

My Camera is Cannon PowerShot model, I believe an 1100is. The main failing of the model was the battery door latch weakness. If this fails the camera will not power on until the door is closed and held closed. Mine broke about 10 yrs. ago and I managed a fix. Looking on the net I found a perfectly fine working Cannon camera kit Model 400 PowerShot almost like what I have currently. I paid $10 DELIVERED for it. Buyer beware but there are some bargains out there.

With a couple cheap SD cards and a half dozen regular AA batteries (the MAIN reason I bought a Cannon brand - normal batteries) you can take nearly 10,000 photos and even some limited videos. You are not supposed to fly with Lithium batteries as they can catch fire rather violently and kill everyone aboard the plane. But every phone and laptop has them. I never understood that, maybe it's only the ABC123 3V batteries. In AK they were totally unobtainable in the little burg where we stayed, but stocked in Anchorage, 4 hrs. distant. They powered by Bear illuminating electric torch. I was not pleased with it's gradual dimming. Lesson learned. Take batteries or equipment that uses normal easy to get sizes.

Also as a side note I washed the SD cards in my pants pockets! AND DRIED them in an electric dryer at the trading post in AK! No damage at all occurred and the photos were perfectly preserved. A hat tip to technology, but I do not suggest you test that.

Just a few little tid-bits I hope help. Doug will have a sound camera to take, not one using an American copper penny to hold the door closed.

Not certain if these were taken with the little Cannon but they are memorable shots from a hunt. The recording of events can be hugely important, don't take it for granted. You'll be glad later you didn't. These may be the SONY video hand camera I also used. It's better at video than photos but has a grand zoom feature. These shots lack the crispness I normally note with the Cannon.

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