Gary Reeder
unfortunately that won't work. TV stations and cable TV
Sunday, February 11, 2018, 16:35

stations and networks are not required to do equal programming. Nor are they required to tell the truth. They program things that will make them money, not friends. Unless they air a program that is full of malicious lies that hurt someone's reputation or livelihood and they do it knowing ahead of time that it is a lie, they can get away with pretty much anything they air. The old days of telling the truth as you know it are gone.

Liberals are, for the most part, simply evil, lying people that have no conscience and believe as long as they get their way, whatever means they use to do so is fine. Until the GOP gets down in the dirt and reverts to the evil ways of the Dems, which I hope never happens, the liberals will continue to flourish and grow and the GOP will stay strong but not grow to a level of the liberals. The Republican party, for the most part, is made up of decent Christians, except for a few low bred scum bags like McCain and a few others. We do have one major thing in our favor. We have God on our side. And this past election should prove that to us.

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