Denning shot a Doe with a G19 or 23
Friday, January 12, 2018, 16:27

I'm sure it was a target of opportunity but it did the deed with one shot I think. I have a few 9mm including a SA and they all shoot great. The little round is not all that fun to load, it's very small and tapered. The case gets thick very fast so those 147's with that "tapered" or BT looking bottom are for a reason. I've loaded SWC 158's in there but it has to stick out some, as the barrel throating allows. At 1000 fps it's a very good .38 +P repeater! The Browning HP loves them.

9mm is quickly becoming the (open) darling of self defense in America. Not near as many want the same gun in .40, it recoils to sharpy. But you can find fantastic .40 deals too. I'm a sucker for those, it's 85% a full 10mm anyway. Like stepping back 50 yds. with that 10mm Auto everyone thinks is a cannon. I've seen G22's for less than $300.

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