I've changed my attitude on the 9mm a bit
Friday, January 12, 2018, 16:10

It handles so well and is easy to shoot accurately, like a .22 almost. The new ammo is light years ahead of that in my youth. Roman just gave in and ordered him a Glock 19 Gen 4 used gun. It has (7) mags so I thought it helped bring the price value down. I tried to talk him into a much cheaper .40 version and we could drop a barrel in it to convert it to 9mm with options to shoot both calibers. Nope, he WANTED a 9mm. He paid for it with Christmas money so he got what he wanted.

I've read the 1911 platform 9mm and variations have special needs in design compared to the .45. I mean if they can get it to feed .38 Super a hundred years ago how could a little tapered 9mm be an issue? That little Ruger looks nice. I assume it has no barrel bushing and a multi-layered recoil spring? It is a pinned swinging "linked" locked barrel?!

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