I'm certainly leaning that way...
Friday, January 12, 2018, 14:30

Ive done a lot of measuring and discussed this with Gary.

The frame window has to be opened in length for the 327 to fit. The 32 would definitely be stronger.

I load 32s with a taper crimp, so can get a 32 within probably 95% of the 327s performance.

My concern about the 327 is someone seating a bullet too deep (without reducing powder charge) to fit the confinements of the Bearcat platform.

Doing that with a high pressure, small capacity cartridge creates a hand held bomb.

I'm really liking the 327 Federal idea, but would have to be fed strictly by the book.

Gary's Maxi Throat would provide extra security against pressure spikes. So, an individual decision...

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