Couldn't find anything on notch width etc.
Thursday, December 07, 2017, 11:14

A longer barrel would have more daylight on the sides of the rear notch window. Compared to a shorter barrel that might fill up the picture with the seemingly larger, closer front sight. I guess they used a compromised size as they are not specific as the Millett was. In fact they made no mention of K, L, or N-frame differences so I guess they must be all the same. I know the J-frame like my kit gun is shorter in the topstrap.

If your topstrap is D&T for the late S&W three hole mount, Gary did my old 1963 gun for me, it should bolt right on using the two forward screw holes. Old guns have to be drilled and tapped.

Let me get it and give you a review based on my trials.

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