Kind of went crazy and bought that LPA TXT N-frame sight
Thursday, December 07, 2017, 08:37

A Christmas gift for myself. I missed a big fight on E-bay over a new old stock Millett rear sight which was for a 8-3/8" anyway. I was worried about the notch being too narrow for my 4". It went way north of $60 when I quit looking, and it didn't have that little elevator foot nor the leaf screw which I'm missing. That adds some grief and cost too.

I looked a Bowen's products but with so many choices and fretting over the right one to order for the specific application I was overwhelmed and got cold feet. I do like his simplistic approach to the click indices issue. There are none, just infinite adjustment. Loosen one screw and the other one is used to take up the slack. But it's not inexpensive either. Good product.

I finally found a vendor that actually had the LPA TXT in stock, in the configuration I needed, without the "extra" $30 front sight I did not need. And free shipping. No little parts or staking tool for leafs (like S&W), I like the simple 2-hole scope mounting provision usage for the island type sight. So for $130 it should be the proper bit of kit for my Reeder .41 Mag. project completion. I have the scope mount for a later addition of a 1" red dot sight if I can find one short and suitable for my aging eyes.

I'll keep you posted on the project but some very impressive handgunners say it's good stuff and that's all the endorsement I need. LPA is made in Italy and imported, sort of a boutique company catering to a very specific need and really going for it. I needed the fiber optic model to help with my vision. Should be here soon.


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