The .255 Banshee is my "most fun" cartridge revolver
Thursday, December 07, 2017, 08:18

I remember Bowen talking about his small bores he is so fond of, too small to be pressured into service after game obviously unsuited. You can relax and have fun with them. The Banshee is actually more of an "improved, improved, .25-K Hornet" for those who have not followed it. You simply use the dies to open .22 Hornet cases to .257" and fire a projectile with 8-9 grs. of your favorite Hornet powder. This blows the case walls straight and gives a sharp little shoulder and ample neck to hold the bullet. Crimps are not necessary. Bullet weights range from 60-100 grs. or so and lots of .25-20 projectiles are perfect. Case capacity is basically the same as the .250 GNR round on the .32 H&R but in a longer case. It holds 11-13 grs. of suitable powder after forming and has quite a blast and flash for so little powder. I have had very good case life and little issue.

That Javelina Classic is an 8_shot and would make an outstanding revolver for a loader/tinkerer who is bored with main stream and enjoys shooting a lot for cheap. Trajectory is flat as a banjo string and it's no pop gun for sure. A heck of a deal with no waiting for one to be built. I LOVE mine.


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