Shooting the ugly ones is how you get there
Tuesday, November 14, 2017, 14:12

These were, admittedly, treated a little roughly. But as long as the neck is in the end of the chamber mouth as it should be the brass will expand to form a near perfect case. As Gary said running from .408" down to .284" is a pretty big feat. I used to go .375, .358, .338 or .308 then .284. The more steps the less deformation to iron out. You can go from .408 to .338 in one pass, but why risk folding a case? .375 then .338 is pretty smooth.

The main thing is to not crimp where you don't need it and don't over do it. When you do this is what it looks like. A rare example to view. Only a few in the box were like this. We are shooting them!

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