Doug was grateful to get the brass and loads
Monday, November 13, 2017, 09:43

They actually shoot just fine. Any poorly formed odd ones blow out nicely to sharp crisp chamber dimensions. I'll trim and neck size/shoulder bump his new fancy loads. We will be custom loading for Africa. We don't like the Burris mounted on it too much, just our preference. Doug will probably go to Leupold Variable for the actual hunt. We feel they are more crisp and have better light transmission. Many of our shooting sessions are stopped by darkness which gives a great comparative view.

Whomever loaded the .280 rounds made a die setting mistake, likely using a "short" piece of brass to set up. They are crimped (where no bullet cannuler is to begin with) so tight that the shoulders are buckled some. They chamber and shoot fine. On several the case mouth is deformed in crimping too. I might post pictures for training purposes to help new loaders. For the single shot I simply treat them as "Rifle" rounds and rely on neck tension alone. Since the bullet does not have a groove for the metal to flow into you are pissin' in the wind anyway. For crimps the case lengths need to be pretty close to the same also. Shorter ones are too light, log ones too heavy. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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