Cooked my Goose! Almost a goat too.
Sunday, November 12, 2017, 21:05

Man what a crappy deal. For two Saturdays I've been working on a little electric fence run of about 200 yds. taking in the fence row. I wanted to run the goats in there. Found some good info on the internet on wire spacing etc. I have only the smallest and lightest duty electric box I could find.

I drove a 1/2 copper ground rod 3' deep and it's about 7' overall. I use T-posts and plastic insulators too. This morning one of the African Geese got tangled up in it and it toasted the thing. Probably was there a good while, likely while we were at church. The goats stay in the barn and we only let them out while we are here. Well Deanna's prize Nigerian Nanny got wadded up in it. Luckily she saw her out the window. May have been there several minutes and she was in a bad way making very concerning goat noises, flat on her back, getting zapped. Looked like something off a horror movie. I got it off and the goat unwrapped. She was addled but visibly grateful, if goats could hug I would have gotten one. I think she will be OK, hope she does not miscarriage, but it's early.

You know ANYTHING bad that happens around here is MY fault too. Well that's the end of electric fences around here. I had run four wires. 6" 12" 18" and 30". Can't go under, step over, or want to jump. I guess it was too much hot wire where critters could get tangled.

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