Gary Reeder
talking about new cartridges below brought this up
Wednesday, October 11, 2017, 16:39

I haven't messed with your head in a while so it's time. When Lee Jurras and I decided to bring back the Howdah pistols on the Encore and G-2, I worked up 4 or 5 new cartridges. As Lee's condition got worse almost overnight, I decided to go with some of my cartridges that were already developed and proven so we could get at least one or 2 guns out for Lee to see before he passed.

After Lee died I decided to continue with the new stuff and make it available in standard Encores, G-2s and revolvers and stay with the original 6 that Lee OK'd for the Howdahs. Here are 8 new cartridges we developed in the last year or so. Seven of these we are still waiting on dies. Three of them were originally for the Howdah pistols, the rest for custom TCs and revolvers. The 4th one from the left is the 223 for size comparison. Let's see if you can guess the others.

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