You know it sounds really hot loading
Wednesday, October 11, 2017, 13:22

but the factory 10mm is lot higher pressures. The same bullet weight running the same speeds, the .45 is lot lower due to the greatly increased surface area for it to spread over. They have kept pressures and speeds down on old Slabsides for decades, obvious reasoning.

Several attempts to soup-up the .45 ACP have met lukewarm acceptance and/or had marketing issues. Probably best for individuals so inclined to do their own modifications. The .45 ACP can do a lot more than what factory ammo shows. They just can't generally market it that hot for sale.

Case support and web exposure can vary greatly. Exposed weak case webs at the feed ramp are what give way and blow guns. You have to really check the individual gun as to the condition for warmer loading. I'd never load a factory Glock barrel of any caliber hot, Glock says no reloads at all! Voids any/all warranty support.

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