Brent Foy
I have been trying to figure which bullet
Saturday, August 12, 2017, 18:15

To use for an Elk hunt this fall. I'm going to use a 44 mag for the hunt and I've never used anything but rifle bullets in 284 win, 308 win, and 310.GNR on Elk before. I've narrowed it down to three possible choices, the 240 gr 'XTP-HP' or Sierra's 220gr. 'FPJ' or the Sierra's 240gr 'JHP' all three are accurate in my gun, the FPJ penetrates a little further but not quite as nice of a mushroom, but still pretty good. My tightly packed and wet magazines I use for a medium isn't the same as going through an Elk, but that's what I have. Has anyone had a bad experiences with any of these bullets?

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