O' Gary
32-20 = 218 Bee success! (37 of 40)
Friday, August 11, 2017, 16:29

The journey began with a bunch of Starline 32-20 being an affordable substitute for Bee brass. Annealing is the easy part. I ran a bunch through a 25-20 trim die just enough to give me the neck length if the Bee neck (did not run the ram completely up in the trim die. Quick tip, the first pass in the 25-20 trim die just roll the mouth of the brass then back out for a check and more lube. I probably have 5 progressive passes through the 25-20 trim die i think the final pass through the trim die is about 1/16" from the edge of the trim die. I ran the Bee expander ball down to engage the 25 cal sized mouth as soon as possible to get a Bee sized mouth and neck on the brass. I run it up the die a bit and lower to feel good neck tension then back up the Bee FL sizer. Lost some due to crumpled mouths & crumpled shoulders but in the end Bee brass.

20 pieces of formed brass with 4.5gr of I800X.

Hydraulic deformation in the brass going through the trim die without cleaning it enough. Then blown out with 4.5 gr. Of powder. Not quite enough to completely form the case.

Fireformed Bee brass

Results of 6.0gr of I800X yielded better results. I measured a charge to the 32-20 shoulder for a traditional fireform charge and that weighed in at 7.1gr of I800X.

And the 3 oddballs. They are not splits but folds in the brass. I took a scribe and can feel the brass fold on the inside of the case. Could they be used? Maybe? I think a pill can seat before engaging the fold. Will I use them. Probably not.

I have a supply now. They will go in the die box as a reminder. 40 down, 200 to go!

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