We bought a pair of baby Geese from Cackle Hatchery
Friday, May 19, 2017, 11:12

about three years ago. Actually (3), and one was bitten by a Copperhead or Rattlesnake and killed while it was a large but still fuzzy baby. Last year she hatched one but it died when she didn't know how to care for it. She's good now. I think I paid like $50+ for the 3 babies including shipping. You know how they do, making you do a minimum. I think I threw in some ducks. The turkeys are a hoot and you might like them. It's almost like a dog with feathers and they'd do well in your climate.

We do really like ducks, need more ducks. They have to come into the chicken pen at night though, Raccoons are the devil on fowl. Owls too! I think I have a Bobcat that visits every so often too. Something has picked off two Guineas! That really frosts me, we have 5 left. Not a feather to be found of the act.

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