Hey I got the box pf parts! Wife had put it in the closet
Wednesday, May 17, 2017, 11:16

"Oh yeah, you got a heavy box in the mail....." Aaaaarrrrg! I need to know these things. What a delight for Roman and me to open up and explore. It included a different priming arm which we needed badly and all those different rams to fit varied cartridges. I do not remember that! They made you change press rams to change case head sizes! Go figure. This really helped us too.

There are some very interesting "Wilson" benchrest loading tools that I have no clue as to what they are exactly. Several look like they neck sized the cases by pushing on the base of the case (with a machined pusher) into a steel size die. I'll have a ball investigating this old tech. and fine tooling. All the questions I have, I'm bound to come out smarter on some level. Thanks so much for thinking of me and helping us out!

I (would have anyway) will remember pray every night on ya'lls African trip for safety, positive fellowship, and memorable adventure. We are very excited for all involved.

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