Still working on Doug's project, adding weight
Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 14:39

to the stock but in a much more positive way, perfecting balance. This time I'm using old normal lead in a fashion even Doug could remove it himself. I'll take pics and post later.

I'm milling two slots in the forend to recess weights and a cavity under the rubber recoil pad. I was thinking the butt would have a cavity but being Laminated and no reason for wood work back there, since the receiver attaches at the pistol grip. I'll have to make weight holding orifices there.

I'm working for 3# additional weight adjusted to feel like a 9-10# rifle but it will go closer to 12 lbs. with scope and all. Just sticking it on an Encore rifle chassis nets a 6.5 LB. man-killer, you'll clap your shoulder blades!



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