Last week before, Bro. Jim was banging away with SA
Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 07:18

a fixed sighted short barrel SA! We were really having fun shooting at random steel targets and I heard more than one "clang" in his cylinder fulls. No telling if he was shooting at 20 or 100 yds. I could not even see the sights on those guns.

*Note the old sage Cowboy action shooter tumbing hammer with the other hand, maintaining his grip. Why don't I do that?!

I intended to look closer at what he was shooting. Inquire if they were his or friends, make, caliber. One had a really short barrel, the other an inch longer perhaps. We limited what we took not knowing truly what to expect. I did look over his custom Reeder PD though.

Some of these valuable old fellows only have another 30-40 yrs. left, so glean that valuable info while you can boys!

I have two fixed sight SA I can hit with. One is the Taylor Bisley .45 Gary reworked that has a clear sight picture. The other a heavily reworked Great Western in .44.

Were these .44's or .45?

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