Six out of seven is not too bad.
Friday, August 05, 2022, 18:22

I never have had a .410 GNR. Being a .429 fan I can deal with it. Shooting them side by side it's hard to tell the difference. The .44 Redhawks are just easier to find then .41's.

The .378 just rules. The .356 is so much fun and easy to get Maximum performance from a standard frame gun. Roman has the .30 GNR and is delighted, shooting standard .30-30 is a boon. The .256 is a pocket .257 Roberts, how can you go wrong?! Anyone that ever read Milek has a tinge of .25 fan in them. The .41 GNR was an easy one and makes a two cylinder gun really versatile and Uber exotic. The .510 GNR, because it's 10 more than the bigger .500 LB. Most don't know the difference. Strut it.

Of course I have so many more GNR calibers too.

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