I see they use leather as the back side, flat leather.
Friday, August 05, 2022, 10:01

A great idea. I think the volume production requires some concessions. The maker told me the piece of kydex is folded around the form. So I can see they just bone both sides to the gun. You bake the sheets to get them all floppy (hot!) so they can be molded. Usually a tension button sandwiching a rubber bushing is used for retention. The engineering of being able to retain the piece is one thing, getting the gun back out is another.

I think that knife maker sold sheets and some cheap vacuum fixtures for hobbyists. I may look that up. Revolver kydex IWB is pretty sparse. I also have trouble shelling out $80 for a plastic holster. $25 I’m comfortable with. But neither is useful if it’s uncomfortable or painful.

*BTW you can heat PVC pipe or conduit to the point it’s quite flexible, like a wet noodle. It soon cools back to its rigid state with seemingly minimal strength loss. FWIW.

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