I may have to start making my own IWB holsters for revolvers
Friday, August 05, 2022, 08:22

I had a nice conversation with some fella that makes molded kydex holsters. My focus was the IWB types. I like sticking a gun in my pants like what is called "Mexicun" carry. But not only is this not safe with the trigger safety type guns but it's not very secure. That's where the IWB holsters come in. Basically I just need a sheath for my Mexicun type carry. So it stays anchored, no snagging, and hopefully more insulated between the gun and my body. I wear an undershirt but still like a holster with a sweat shield, the little tab that sticks up and keeps the gun off skin.

My problem is with revolvers. just about everyone makes kydex holsters moulded in the shape of the gun on BOTH sides. I understand this looks cool and likely sells product in the store (what keeps the world turning) but against your boney body it hurts! Why oh why does someone not mould them against a flat slightly curved surface? You know like the shape of your body! A smooth flat surface pressed against your body is lots more comfortable than a "half-pipe" (cylinder) wedged in there. Even some OWB belt holsters gouge you as they are molded equally on both sides leaving the body side to press into your side. I have a couple old Don Hume belt holsters that are correctly moulded, flat curve on body side and gun matching on the other.

Surely I'm not the only one that has looked at this situation and wondered why no one has addressed this comfort issue. I may be buying some kydex sheets and commandeering the family oven to experiment! 200 years ago about all the handguns had handy belt hooks on them!

LOL, this works better than you'd think.

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