One of the Classics you rarely hear about
Monday, August 01, 2022, 09:11

is the 1895 Winchester. While not thought of as a "Western" or "Cowboy" gun they were historically significant. They were used significantly in Africa, by more than the Teddy Expedition, as well as Osa and Martin Johnson up in the 20's and 30's. I saw reference to documented use in South America (the 1892 was always popular there too) as well as several early Artic expeditions.

The calibers I saw most referenced were the .405 (a literal cannon in the day by domestic sporting standards), .35 Winchester, and .38-72 (Unknown Grandaddy of Gary's .378 GNR). Perry also used the 1892 as did Josephine Perry (I think) the first woman Arctic Explorer of note.



It's interesting that Winchester lever guns were a mainstay of early exploring. I've read of some Savage 1899's (terribly ignored as "classic" leverguns) being used too.

Looking forward to the articles.

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