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If you like reading about the various Nitro cartridges and "
Friday, May 13, 2022, 23:31

hunts with them, look for John "Pondoro" Taylor's book African Rifles and their Cartridges. Pondoro is African for Lion in one of their languages. Capstick wrote a book on Taylor called "A Man Called Lion" which was a piece of chit. Capstick was so jealous of Taylor that he bad mouthed him thru-out the book. And Capstick was the biggest liar this side of a Marine retired Colonel that writes for Hunting magazine. None of the things Capstick said he did, did he actually do. He was a bartender at a bar called the Duck Inn. When professional hunters would come in and have a beer and tell some of their stories Capstick would write them down and put them in his books as if he did those things. African hunters hated the man. He is dead now so no more criticism of him.

Taylor's book is the best African book on rifles, cartridges and the hunts with them in my humble opinion. It is right up there with Al Goerg's Pioneering Handgun Hunting. I wouldn't be without either one. Taylor spent years in Africa on hunts back in the 1940s. In fact on one of his hunts he spent 5 years out in the brush hunting and didn't even know the world was in a war, World War 2, until he can into a settlement for provisions. It is a great book, showing pictures of the various African cartridges and some of his hunts with them.

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