I have really been rough on my Glock 10mm
Wednesday, May 11, 2022, 12:33

It's a G21 that has been converted to 6" 10mm using a conventional rifled barrel and G20 magazines. Way back Kase really ran up a bunch of 10mm hot loads, I tested a few with my loadings. Hunting specific loads, they do perform. It's solid as a rock. Some of my cast loads are .41 Mag. revolver territory, not just close. Of course it's a 6" closed breach too, with purpose specific loads.

The 320 has the plastic "module" gripframe and the metal fire control parts and "rails" as one piece. There is a little procedure where it drops into the plastic frame. It will be interesting to see how it manages the full on 10mm. I'm sure if SIG releases it it should be great. Spec the X-frame module and flat trigger for sure. The 320 is a nice diversion from the normal Glock guns if you desire it. Nothing wrong with Glocks a little practice can't overcome. I pull left badly with them unless I really focus.

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