Knock some sense into me please
Wednesday, November 24, 2021, 09:22

I have been contemplating trading my Model 29 for a Redhawk, simply to handle "hotter loads", when in actuality I probably don't need to. Here is what Ruger has to say about it.
"Thank you for contacting Ruger Customer Service.
Your Customer Service Issue # is 10304485
We cannot recommend using the 44Mag +P in our guns as it is not a SAAMI cartridge".

I also have a Toklat, Ruger's 5" barreled .454 Casull According to Ruger the Toklat and the 4" Redhawk weigh the same, 47 ounces. So I will, or should keep the M29 and my Super Blackhawk and stick with factory loads in both and if the need arises, go to the Toklat. I wanted the Redhawk for my bucket list fly fishing trips deep into the bear country of MT and WY. I am already set up with chest holsters for all 3 guns so spending money on a Redhawk is probably unwarranted. Any and all opinions welcomed.

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