Speaking of recoil...
Tuesday, November 23, 2021, 10:22

As some may remember I recently bought my wife her selected CCW. She had been using a custom M60 S&W revolver, and likes it very much, but wanted a 9mm semi-auto of her own choosing. She chose a SIG 365X, I had absolutely nothing to do with the selection. I do like the gun. Except for loading the 12-shot mags. I can barely do it, I know my wife cannot, not fully. The Glock 43/48 kicks butt in that area.

Before she could even shoot her new gun she had an accident where she badly broke BOTH wrists. They put (10) screws and this little titanium plate in both wrists. She is healing very well and getting along pretty well now. However I worry about her being able to manipulate a firearm and shoot. It will be a slow process. She lacked hand strength before. It will be another couple months before I let her try to shoot a .22 first. I have a wonderful Taurus TX22 that we might load with Stingers and use as interim.

Here she is shooting a very hot .45 Custom, 200 gr. at 1400 fps. Note the stresses on the wrist. An extreme case. She'll NEVER be able to do that again, I'd not let her. Kind of amazing the slide reciprocates under the forces of recoil movement and canceling negative inertia.


As we get older I guess we have to roll with the punches. She now has THIS, times 2.


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