Remington Model 660 trigger
Tuesday, October 12, 2021, 12:55

Paul, some of us (me, friends & gun club acquaintances) never had a problem. But some did, including a few fellow armed forces folks. We tried giving them a good bump when cocked (empty chambers please!) and also worked the actions real hard plus put the safety on and off multiple times in a row. If they failed any of these, we had them worked-on (pre-lawsuit craze) or replaced. Can vouch for Timney (still miss Canjar). But, as I said, many of them never, ever, had any issue of any kind. Unfortunately, many nowadays have had no real gun experience or background so unsafe practices abound, including sweeping muzzles all over the place. So replacing any iffy or ultra-light ones is probably the best bet. That way an inadvertent bump or drop will hopefully not end tragically...

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