It’s actually not “new”. S&W in the 70’s
Tuesday, October 12, 2021, 09:33

For sure had their line of “Nycad” ammo. Sort of the same thing, a soft lead bullet encased in a thin plastic-poly jacket of some sort. Totally encased it did not lead nor produced lead “fumes” at indoor ranges.

The “paint” coated Bullets is simply a modern method applied. You get a plastic jacketed bullet. It’s quite resilient typically and stays on the bullet even through rifling and expansion, it does not peel off properly applied. I have shot them closer to 3,000 fps than not, and no leading (FPGC .257 cal.). So handgun applications are pretty easy to see the benefits. Also since it is a “coating” you can bump up the diameter too. Turn .355 9mm into perfect .357” projectiles. Or in a late case, coat a 10mm gas check shank to better hold a .41 gas check.

I blew my oven and sorely miss the method. I’m getting back into the swing.

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