steve todd
I’ve been using them for a few years
Tuesday, October 12, 2021, 05:53

However, i have no idea how they affect the bore or forcing cone. No leading with coated bullets. I’ve used Acme bullets and Eastwood powder coating powder. The bullets are very soft after heating them to 400*F for 20 minutes (Eastwood’s recommended time and temp). Bullets are slightly harder if dropped in water immediately after “baking”.
Powder coating does take some time, so using them for hunting works for me, although i have a large backlog of cast bullets waiting to be coated. I couldn’t do it for competitions or practice unless buying Acme bullets which are hard bullets that are coated with a different process that doesn’t require baking.
I like the non leading of the bore, and the performance of the powder coated bullets in revolvers, single shot, and semi-auto pistols. I’ve used them in 45Colt, 30 Carbine, 300GNR, 38 Special, 32S&W, and 475 Linebaugh as far as revolvers. I’ve used them in 10mm, 9mm, 380 Auto, and 45ACP in auto loaders, and 454 Casull, 378GNR, 300GNR, 30-30 AI, and 6TCU in single shot pistols. I haven’t shot jacketed bullets (except factory 9mm) for quite a while now, and with availability, probably wont for a long time either.

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