Gary Reeder
before the lion hunt I had my guys build several barrels
Monday, October 11, 2021, 15:02

for me for the G-2 and the encore, not being sure which ones I would take on the hunt. Now that it is over i have several barrels up for sale. I had forgotten them until earlier today when a fellow called and asked about what barrels we had in stock. So here are the barrels that are currently in stock...
The barrels 14" or under are sale priced at $350
the longer barrels, 15" and over are priced at $375
all plus shipping.
41 GNR...9" stainless
375 GNR...10" blue
310 GNR...15" with brake

Encore barrels
30 GNR...12"...stainless
366 GNR...15" blue with brake
378 GNR...17" blue with brake.

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