It requires a stand, a stand for what is right.
Sunday, October 10, 2021, 10:45

Godly principles which this nation was originally founded upon. I have an upcoming conference where I know I'll have to take a calculated and gentle open stance against Equality, Inclusion, and Diversity. To not have a "Jesus" attitude about the matter will doom my points and push away free thinking individuals who do not understand the perspective.

I'm very much against discrimination, and exclusion. But the movement is deceptive and promoting the opposite of what it claims. All are welcome already, labeling people based upon choices or appearance is blatant discrimination. I must expose it in truth, but not be offensive, except to the zealots. My field of employ is being infiltrated and weakened. Like so many other things. But men MUST stand for what is true and right, based upon biblical foundations, not those of others figuring.

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