Grover Sr
Yep, since I am not gonna
Wednesday, September 15, 2021, 12:08

Jump on the exotic caliber band wagon I can say I have ammo for all my guns. Plus enough supplies to reload a few hundred more rounds in 44, 445, 45 LC, 356 GNR, 357, 308 and 41GNR. I pick up 10mm, 9 mm and 556 whenever I find a box. Stores here still have one box limits. Even so, I am not shooting as much as I’d like because of limited availability of all ammo.

Even 308 has been out of stock around here. I’m planning to buy a 45/70 since I have supplies for reloading that. I have seriously been considering getting into black powder but caps and powder are in very short supply around here.

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