Trying to decide which shotgun to keep
Saturday, September 11, 2021, 18:21

part of my lightening the long gun load. I have a very nice circa 2000 or so Browning Gold Hunter 12 auto. It shoots literally all loads up to 3" mag. with no fiddling. 26" barrel and chokes of course. It's matte black with plastic furniture. A fantastic gun, a bit soulless in it's perfect function. I think Beretta made them for Browning.

I also have a clean reblued/refinished Model 12 Winchester 2-3/4" 12 ga. It has a 25" plain barrel and no choke. A guy cut off the barrel for a Grouse gun from it's original full choke. The work was done very professionally. I think it was made around 1922. The fit and machine work are very pleasing. It's basically pretty much like new.

Of course I have many other shotguns for general utility and tactical type uses. However I am tempted to sell/trade one of the above to garner an interesting handgun. But I'm not sure. Which would you choose?

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