Maybe if I do it a piece a t time..
Tuesday, April 06, 2021, 06:44

It won't be so bad. I have this little custom Uberti 1861 .36 and was looking at the Cylinder conversions. (I need to get it to GNR for bluing) They have some really nice ones with loading gates too. The .36 is actually a .375 bore and they make cartridge conversions in .38 Special for them. Obviously there is a big difference in .358-.375"! That requires a big "bump up" with the bullet.


The conversion sales tells the soft lead hollow base wadcutters are what's called for. The hollow skirts are said to bump up enough. I've done that with some success firing a .386" hollow base bullet in a heel chambered .41 Colt with .403" bore. It does work pretty good. I've read that black powder and it's fast ignition was great at bumping up the softer alloy bullets to fit the bore. I wonder is it that much better than a fast smokeless like Bullseye?

It would be an interesting accessory.


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