Clint H
454 Casull
Monday, April 05, 2021, 17:32

Dick Casull and Jack fullmer developed the 454 Casull and they made their own five shot cylinders on colt single action he had a shop in uptown Salt Lake where he was selling them back in the 70s. They were having a lot of trouble with the base pins backing out and the screws loosening up and yes he used a tri Plex load you can see Dicks triplex loads in PO Ackleys book that he produced on cartridges back in the 60s. I almost
bought a 454 casull in 1978 from Dick when he had a little shop that he called The great Salt Lake trading company. Didn’t have enough money at the time he was wanting around $600.00 for one and you could buy a colt trooper for $289.00 so I bought the colt trooper. Wish I could’ve bought the 454.

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