I picked up an Euroarms made in Italy
Monday, April 05, 2021, 13:36

it's a .44 1860 copy and while it's nice I think I'll trade it off since it's unfired and trade up to a Uberti copy. I should not be out that much money and I really think the Uberti guns are held to a much higher standard.

I also once had a 1848 Dragoon, the one with the folding rear sight leafs (2nd model?). It was a fine gun and had a notable power increase over the regular belt guns. But it was too heavy for me to carry around. You indeed needed a horse. I've always wanted a C&B with the shoulder stock accessory. For the gun's quality and enjoyment as a mechanical marvel C&B are really fun. As you pointed out they STILL WORK! Better than ever.

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