Monday, April 05, 2021, 09:43

The 5-1/2” Old Armies perform well with Speer’s .457” round ball, Thompson's Lubed Wad, and CCI’s #11 percussion cap. With 35.0 grains by volume of Triple-7 FFFg muzzle velocity is 925 fps with six shots in 1-3/8” at 20 yards. Moving up to 40.0 grains by volume of Triple-7 FFFg yields 1,130 fps and a group of 1-3/4”. These are serious loads! Just how potent are black powder loads? The standard .45 ACP Hardball load of a 230 grain bullet at 820 fps has long been regarded, and rightly so, as a highly dependable fight stopping load. This can be duplicated in a Ruger Old Army Percussion Pistol with a 220 grain conical bullet over 35 grains by volume of Pyrodex. The standard 140 grain round ball at 1,000 fps is an easy handling and powerful load.

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