Sean Harper
Browning Buckmark 10"" bull barrel
Monday, April 05, 2021, 07:50

2 weeks ago I bought a USED -Buckmark 10 " bull barrel off of GB , buying used guns will get you in trouble some times but I always wanted a 10" Buckmark.
Took the gun to the range fired about 1 out of 8 times, ooouch! took the gun apart and noticed the front bushing of the recoil spring assy was destroyed, replaced and went back to range, fired about 6 times in a row and then went back to 1 out of 8. @#$&^(*(&%^$#.
Took it apart again front bushing was destroyed again. Decided to call Gary for advice he does not have much experience with the Buckmarks so I called WB and he gave a proper Engineers answer....consult drawings, so that is what I did. Sure enough there it was.... the recoil spring assy should have 2 bushings , 1 in front (a black hard plastic piece) and 1 in back (white or black soft plastic) behind the hammer area. The gun did not even have this piece in there when I bought it.
Took the gun to the range and it fired about 1 out 4, during this time I had already ordered a new recoil spring assy ,bushings- front and back and firing pin. None of this was easy to find because this gun is pre 2000 ...all the new stuff has different recoil assy and firing pin.
So back to the gun...1 out of 4, decided to take out firing pin and compare the old FP to the new FP, you could tell immediately the old FP was wore out, changed FP and went back to range... gun fired perfectly 100%.
Thanks to Scotty for the help .Gun shoots very good with
Aguila and some old lead ammo (not sure of maker).the scope is an old red dot.



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