These days it's use what you have...
Monday, April 05, 2021, 07:16

on hand. You can do it. The 3" 60 is +P rated and the 92 levergun is no problem either. ON my snubbies I'm more concerned with the load hitting POA more than anything else. I once bought some .25 ACP Glaser Safety Slug ammo. They were like $2-$3 each, very exotic. I finally shot a couple and was shocked to ind they hit about a foot low at 15' from my Beretta! Said to run something like 1200 fps! It would not penetrate a 2 liter water bottle, just blew out the front of the plastic jug. I guess it worked as designed, for the Air Marshall's.

I'd slow the 125's till they hit the close to where the 158's the little 60 is regulated to. If your 60 is the adjustable sight version you are better set. You may have more versatility to hot them up without making them shoot way, way low, below your available sighting.

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