I think James calls that a "NYC Reload".
Monday, April 05, 2021, 06:33

I'm very unlikely to carry two guns on my person. I struggle with one bigger handgun. I like to be self sufficient and able to take care of myself but I do not enjoy feeling a need to arm myself. But that is the way it is today and getting worse. Perhaps I do need to give the notion of doubling up some thought. Maybe it's time for suspenders too.

I use the outstanding deep cover "Kangaroo Carry" under garment rig and have for years. It would be a small matter to use that and an IWB carry. But goodness, it's like I'm undercover on Miami Vice. Perhaps a normal carry and a .25 slipped in a pocket? That don't seem too much better but I guess it's better than nothing, and plausible.

Most of my travel is to town getting stuff or going to church. I can't carry at work but have at least a couple arms in my truck that is usually very close. I also drive it as a work vehicle on the job. But we are not supposed to have CCW, even when we are licensed to. Company policy. At home I carry different arms on the farm mainly for critters or snakes. It does feel good to have something going to the barn, you just never know.

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