Do y’all have fireflies where you live?
Sunday, April 04, 2021, 20:18

Just after dark my niece and her family were headed home to put the babies to bed. The little boy saw fireflies dancing in the still air and said with his sleepy voice. “Look...twinkle bugs!” That was a new one for me, but we have always called them lightnin bugs.

I find fireflies such a joy to watch! When I see them I always smile and think of God and all he has made. Soon the whipperwill wii be calling for their mate as well. They will be abundant here and I will spend many night on my porch listening to their song.

I spent 10 of my 47 years living in places where the lightnin bugs luminous dance could not be seen and the whipperwills song was never heard. I do not wish to live so far from Them again. I hope you can enjoy them where you are.

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