That 777 is HOT STUFF! Added 200 fps to my C&B
Sunday, April 04, 2021, 19:18

Ruger loads using the same volume as Pyrodex P. I kid you not. I've been buying up the local Pyrodex a pound every pay day, not hogging it. No one wants it at $20 a pound. No one has 777 around here but it's advertised at $30 a pound. Same volume so same shots per pound.

I hope to order a "cap maker tool" and a couple kits of priming mixture for enough to do 4k percussion caps. Then I can have guilt free BP shooting. I just about feel reckless shooting up my centerfire, rimfire ammo with all the chaos beginning with open borders and infringing or more accurately "forfeiting" freedoms. The balloon may very well go up one day if the Lord tarries. I'm enjoying scheming with black powder guns at the moment. Things are slower, less shots, more quality in the experience, and less guilt in depleting the home defense supplies.

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