Looking at my two serious carry guns
Sunday, April 04, 2021, 19:09

I'm really trying to think about my options. I carried one to Church this morning and the other back again this evening, comparing. Am I close to doing it right? Honestly I have several fine combat handgun options but I'm just not going to carry a 3 lb. 1911 type gun around unless I really feel a threat, then should I really expose myself in the first place? I have watched Thunder Ranch videos and such, I get it all. I guess I'm just not as serous or tactically leaning as O'l Thunder britches. I don't have the energy to try to hold up my pants with 3 lbs. of gun and another pound and a half of extra mags.

Size matters. Grams my be a better unit to compare weight. There are 454 grams to a pound. The loaded Kahr (6 rnds. 230 gr.) is 659 grams. (It uses 8-shot 1911 mags for back up), the Glock 30s with 10-rounds aboard is 816 grams, and for comparison the Beretta 96 with 11 200 gr. is 1,161 grams! It's hard to get a scale but the Kahr is about the same size as a Walther PPK .380, only much lighter. Smaller than the Taurus G3 too and it's a .45!

I have a couple pocket pistols I might tote but they are last ditch. Sold my Star PD a while back, I know Gary likes it. Decided the Glock 30s was THE modern version of it. More reliable, robust, and carrying more firepower. I've been pleased with the G-gun. But I look for smaller too. Something I can almost forget I have on. The Kahr PM45 has filled that bill in large. I also have the PM9 but I confess the .45 just instills more confidence. That makes a big difference in my carry.

You don't notice shat sticks "down" in you pants holster, but the butt length can protrude. Not that much difference in the slide thickness but some. That evens things out in the holster "feel".

Now I wonder if my hit probability suffers from going that small. I do think I can hit better with the G30s at say 25 yds. but at 10 or 15 there is not much difference. The very smooth DA trigger on the Kahr seems safer to me in urgent handling too. Boy I don't know I like having both! And I still have several 1911, Hi-power, Beretta, G21 etc. if I want a full size combat gun. It sounds goofy too but my wife can manage a bigger gun, running the slide etc. much better than a compact.

Thickness looks like a huge difference but it's not that much difference once you get used to having a lump there. I like a good sweat shield on the holster too.

I'm still comparing, testing, and fiddling. I have some IWB holsters for larger guns coming to play with. My wife wanted one for a Beretta 92 herself!!!

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