That is quite the showpiece!
Friday, April 02, 2021, 19:51

I've had a couple Magnum Research .45-70 and they are fantastic guns! Accuracy wise they are more accurate than many rifles. Mine weighed about 6 lbs. with scope and was actually as manageable as any Encore, maybe better.

The cartridge is novel in that platform. I could not push a 405 gr. much faster than 1600 fps no matter what I tried. So I switched to a 500 gr. and kicked myself silly. I could only stand it at about 1200 fps, that's it. It was not fun. Even subsonic it hit point on though.

They would make as good a hunting pistol as the big TC. But they are lots of fun to show too.

I remember seeing Keith shoot a M100 like yours. It was over the top back then.

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