Thanks kindly Sean. You know I kind of have adopetd
Monday, February 22, 2021, 15:09

Gary's line of thinking on Semi-autos. FMJ Ball or Hard Cast. They are not cannons, and with the exception of the 10mm lack velocity to reliably expand a JHP. Oh I know those pictures of ballistic Gel are impressive but I have little occasion to assault ballistic Gel.

I hope to focus on reliable function and perhaps find a bullet with a little bit of meplat that still feeds well. Kind of my same perspective on a good hog bullet. The .380 may perform well from a 4" Beretta etc. but my 2.5" Kahr and the expensive Hornady rubber plug JHP only flattens the nose and the penetration direction is not always what I was thinking. A good 124 gr. cast at 800 fps will do fine for me if it feeds reliably. Still not sure about recoil. I know but my experience with the Scadinum S&W and 158 gr. at 800 was a painful one. This Kahr is only 10 oz.! It stings with the 90 gr. XTP at 900 fps.

Also due to expense I have not been able to shoot it all that much, I'd like to.

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