I have several parts boxes that I have
Monday, February 22, 2021, 08:15

Filled over the years and can pretty well take care of any single-action repair. A friend stopped by with a broken hammer on his .45 Blackhawk and all it took was a screwdriver and a reach into my parts box to fix iT. Also have a good supply of barrels and cylinders. Another box is just marked one and the also have the box of screws for scope mounting. About three decades ago I picked up a like new 7-1/2" Great Western .45 Colt barrel. I eventually came up with a Great Western that needed that barrel. I also bought a Colt New Service .38-40 barrel for the same amount of five dollars and it went on a New Service I picked up for only $200 because someone had hack-sawed the barrel to 2 incheS.


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