Any port in a storm. Except sometimes you have to have Mag.
Sunday, February 21, 2021, 08:09

primers. So if they are not available you must switch bullet/powders to suit the components you do have at your disposal.

Some guys that load ONLY from a manual with no understanding other than strict adherence to printed reference are dead in the water. Who printed that data anyway?! Engineers or lawyers? Both?

You could give me a 55 gal. drum of unlabeled stuff and call it gunpowder, I can find a use for it somewhere.

One of the trickiest powders I've worked with was a triple base IMR7383. Most powders are single or double base. It had some element that inhibited "flash" for special military applications. It was too bulky for smaller cases and great with medium. But given more capacity you had to really watch out. The difference in good and too much was hairline in certain applications. As you worked up loads when it burned clean (until them there were lots of unburned granules) then STOP! That was about the edge with your toes hanging over. I had a bunch of it and still do. Made some very accurate loads in it with my 6mm.

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