I went out once at HHC thinking about
Thursday, January 14, 2021, 07:22

trying for a Fallow doe with my .255 Banshee. They are small animals around 60-70 lbs. The conditions were unlikely I'd lose a wounded animal so I felt it was ok. It has twice the power of a .22 WMR and twice the bullet (75 gr. JSP at 1900 fps). Lots of Good O'l Boys shoot Whitetails with the .22 WMR. Lots of the success is due to the good traditional 45 gr. bullet and opportunity for great precision. My gun had a 4X scope on it too.

I did see some does but decided they were too pretty for ME to shoot and the decorative pillows I wanted could wait. Honestly back home I'd have some reservations about shooting a Whitetail myself. I'd really be upset with myself if I wounded one. My smallest gun I'd actually hunt Whitetail with is my .300 GNR revolver. I know guys have used the .327 but not me. It's a personal decision. I have taken Sheep with it and learned a lot. My bullet of choice is a 100 gr. XTP at 1850 fps.

Curtis' single shot .256 Win. Hawkeye is in another class, beyond the old .25-20 Win. rifle. 60 gr. over 2600 fps? But still It's a personal decision and on the lighter side.

From what I see you lose 400-600 fps from transitioning from a single shot to a revolver. The smaller the caliber the larger the fps loss. So the single shot gets a pretty good boost.

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